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Pole Passion are proud to announce the following judges for Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur Semi Pro Championships 2023

Emma Simmonds - Judge

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Emma is one of the founders of the pole industry in this country with over 23 years experience as a pole dancer on stage. She opened one of the first professional schools in the main fitness sector, Pole Performers Dance School Southampton in 2004, Emma Simmonds School of Pole Performers Dance/Fitness/Aerial Schools, where Emma knew it would be a great fitness phenomenon for all. She trained as a professional dancer and has qualifications and certifications in many styles with British Theatre Dance Association(BTDA) ballet, modern, gymnastics, acrobatic and tap to name a few. This led to her taking dance contracts across the world as a career. This included cabaret dancer in Portugal,  Denmark, Spain, France, Madeira and many other countries. On returning to England Emma worked as a model and erotic dancer where she found her love of pole that was to take over her life. Emma has many experiences and achievements in the dance world over many years, here are a few relevant points.

  • UK Elite Pole Sport Champion 2021

  • World Finalist for Team GB at the World Championships 2021

  • Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Judge

  • Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur and Semi Pro Judge

  • Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Championships – 5 times solo finalist

  • Nearly 40 years experience in the art of dance, fitness and pole dance

  • Over 23 years teaching pole

  • Pole school owner for over 19 years

  • Professional dancer, professional performer, professional choreographer and qualified fitness instructor

There are few people in the pole dance industry that can match Emma's diverse and depth of relevant experience. She has taught thousands of students, from complete beginners to National and World Champions, and many pole teachers in the world of pole dance to help them achieve their goals.

Emma has over the years had numerous TV work and appearances including; backing Pole Dancer for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ ITV, Pole Dancer entertainer for ‘Come dine with me’ Channel 4, Pole Dancing Performing on ‘Got to Dance’ Sky One, Pole Dancing “Let me entertain you” Brian Connelly, “Trisha Goddard Show” Pole Dancing / Chat Show, BBC1 appearance on Sports Relief Teaching and Performing with their presenter with her daughter who also Pole Dances.

Emma has also featured in other media including many photo shoots, radio, TV, dance choreography, and promo work, newspapers “The Sun” “Daily Mail” and many others, and various magazine work.

All of this while looking after her family, she has 2 daughters, Lilygrace (who now competes at pole too) and little Summer who is just 3, and running her business. Emma still has the same passion and drive to teach and perform as when she first started.


FaceBook: Simmonds School of Pole Performers Dance/Fitness/Aerial Schools




Mob: 07787 168 303

Emma Simmonds.jpg

I went to Ibiza 8 times, it was such a great experience, I named my daughter’s middle name “Eden” one of my main resident clubs I performed at. A typical high season night would be, arrive at the club around 10pm and perform around 8 sets of 20 minutes high freestyle gymnastic club dancing around the clubs dance podiums till approximately 5am! I also enjoyed doing promotion work, I went for a promo modelling job when I was back in England, but it turned out to be a dancing job, erotic dancing ! Little did I know this would shape my life forever. I started erotic dancing/stage dancing, where I found the love for Pole Dancing. Proud to say
I’m a self-taught pole dancer, my stage name was ‘Peaches’. I was an erotic dancer on and off between other dance contracts for 5 years where I taught myself the art of pole dance. I worked around the clubs in the UK including in London, Southampton, and
Bournemouth, FYEO “for your eyes only” Where I also did many photo shoots, radio, TV, dance choreography, and promo work, newspapers “The Sun” “Daily Mail” and many others, and various magazine work. At work I was contently asked by fellow dancers to teach and choreograph there pole tricks and stage routines. Here is where I started teaching pole dance classes, I fell in love with teaching and my
life completely changed. After teaching around 6 months at my main club F.Y.E.O in Southampton, There was a demand for me to start teaching in gyms so I opened my pole dance classes to the general public at Fitness First in Southampton, I had freestanding poles manufactured and opened my school called Pole Performers Dance School Ltd in November 2004, I was the first professional pole dance fitness school to open in Southampton.
From opening Pole Performers Dance School in 2004 to present date, over the years, I’ve taught 1000’s and 1000’s of students and many teachers in the world of pole dance. I’m very honored to teach many other teachers and help them achieve their goals, also personally still have the same passion and drive to teach and perform from when I first started. I created and foundered pole dance levels from beginners to professional, a few years ago, I made a Pole Performers Dance School Fitness DVD and to date have sold over 2,000 copies. I’m in process of filming volume 2. I love choreographing routines for students and fellow teachers to compete their routines in
competitions at all pole levels and categories. I also became a mum in 2010, to my girl Lilygrace, who loves to pole dance and was my inspiration to start children’s pole, circus, and aerial classes.

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