Frequently Asked Questions 



I've only been in 2 comps before but I'm not a beginner. My last comp was intermediate level with 3 points of contact for moves. What level should I enter? 



Well just remember competitions are really a personal journey as well as a competition amongst others !

Ask your self  ….

What will that specific category and set of rules challenge YOU?

How will you feel when you win !!?? 

What is your life like now and in a few months time, can you commit to intense training  to reach your desired goal ?

Do you have a mentor that can push you to your 2021 goal or is it best to achieve alone until you find one that can support you fully?

Amateurs or Semi pro?? - well if you like to go upside down then this is a no brainer - it's definitely Semi Pro if you do, if you would like to explore more floor work and stay closer to the floor then the Amateur category is for you :))