Welcome to the judge pages

We are super proud to list all our experienced judges here. Being a judge is often a difficult task and not suited to everyone. We select our judges carefully checking they have the right 'fit' to be one of the competitions prestige watchful eye!  We view judging as a professional development for the competitors who enter our competitions ,whether it be a complete amateur new to competitions or a seasoned and experienced professional at competitions. We take the job seriously and often the judge will view the experience as a way of giving back, as often they were once an amateur also.

If you would like to be considered as a judge  in the future, for one of our many competitions either in the UK or abroad, then don't hesitate to get in touch.

Just drop us a line on email explaining why you would like to be considered,

to: events@passion-fitness .com

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Our Story

Miss Pole Dance UK was created in 2004, and was the first national championships within the UK that is still running today.  Naturally our competitors are first and foremost our top priority,  without them there would be no competition, however, as a close second then comes our Judges and Adjudicators upholding the integrity of our championships and its with their professionalism, integrity and dedication we can continue to run such a fantastic competition.

Our 2021 Judges

Damian Kutryb - 

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Jade Bensilum  - 

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Emma Simmonds - 

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Beth Hamilton -

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Amy Cowles - 

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If you're always looking for a new pole challenge and would like to give back to the pole dance competition community then lets connect