What makes a great judge?


What makes a great Judge?

  • Organisers and competitors require competent & loyal judges
    So what makes a good pole competition judge?

    • Integrity – honest, upright and committed to the positive image and rules of Pole Dance and Fitness
    • Professional competence 
    • Ethical to fellow workers, audiences, contestants and sponsors
    • A sound understanding of health & safety on and around the Pole 
    • Abiding by the Code of Pole Practice 2008
    • Keen intellect 
    • Extensive pole knowledge
    • Fair and constructive
    • Clear & quick analyser & thinker
    • Concise & clear writer
    • Impartial
    • Trustworthy
    • Accountable
    • Good understanding of English (written and spoken)
    • Judicial temperament 
    • Decisive 
    • Respectful – including all social media ( no swearing)
    • Composed 
    • Strong communicator
    • 100% reliable
    • Committed
    • Team player
    • Experience
    • Strong record of professional sport, fitness, dance & pole excellence 
    • Knowledgeable and educated about Pole techniques and or choreography and or performing
    • An Understanding of the pressures, mentally & physically of the competitors when performing &
    •    Health and fitness back ground and a good understanding of the bio mechanics of the body around the   pole and floor work
    • Service
    • Commitment to the pole community of none less than 2 years
    • Passionate about promoting & representing pole competitions  and the pole industry, how so ever
      represented in a positive and professional manner at all times
    • One who takes the position seriously and researches the competition rules they are representing 
    • Understanding the sacrifices of the contestant will make financially, professionally and personally
    • Well respected by their peers and in their pole dance community
    • It is inappropriate to comment on any issue which may be considered personal or political

    Apply now if you would like to be considered as a National Miss Pole Dance UK judge
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