Guest Performers

Pole Passion are proud to announce the following guest performers for Miss Pole Dance Amateur semi Pro 2018

The Seifert Sisters

The Seifert Sisters are Lauren and Lilith Seifert. They have been training in doubles pole since September 2016 and pole dancing for 3 years. Their first pole competition was Pole Theatre amateur in 2017 where they placed first in the Drama category. Spurred on by this success they then went on to compete in Miss Pole Dance Semi Pro. Their dance about the destruction of the rain forest won them first place, making them the current title holders for the doubles category. As a result of their win they were invited to compete in Miss Pole Dance Professional 2017 where they placed second. In November 2017 they also took part in Solent Pole and Hoop championships where they placed first. 

The Seifert Sisters love to tell stories and explore social issues through dance. They believe it brings people from all walks of life together and can be a powerful tool for change and self reflection. They can't wait to get back on the MPD stage!


Mimi is 12 years old and she has been learning pole for 6 years.

Mimi is training with Daniel Rosen at IFA Pole & Aerial and also Ruth Vass at Spin City Brimpton.

Through the last 6 years Mimi has accomplished many of her dreams already and she is loving her pole journey.

Mimi competed at BPSC and placed 1st in the youth category in 2017, she is the Cheshire Aerial Youth Champion 2016 & 2017, she has guest performed at the Pole Word Festival for 2 years running and she is also the youngest to perform at UKPPC.

Last year was a major year for Mimi as she travelled to the USA to compete at Pole Theatre USA with her instructor Daniel Rosen in a beautiful doubles routine about a father and a daughter and while on this trip Mimi was the first child to be allowed to perform at Pole Expo in Las Vegas.

Mimi is the first Youth Brand Ambassador for Wink and she is the first child to become a Dew Point Athlete.

Mimi has also completed her Xpole Xpert Instructor training making her the first child to become a Xpole certified instructor.

This year Mimi is competing in the Youth category at Pole Theatre UK and also Pole Theatre UK pro with her instructor Daniel Rosen and she is very excited to see what is going to happen in her future with pole.

Mimi wants to say thank you to everyone who has made the above possible for her, she will be eternally grateful.