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Internationally recognised & endorsed pole fitness courses

  • PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION: Internationally recognised & endorsed qualification.

  • IMPROVE YOUR TEACHING SKILLS: Attract new students, retention of existing students with a recognised structured approach to teaching.

  • INCREASE EARNINGS: Offer new class content & structures to add variety, progressions and new ideas, putting FUN! into fitness.

  • RAISE YOUR CONFIDENCE & COMPETENCE: Safe teaching supports correct student development for Health & Safety compliance.


We offer flexible training options with attend in person or online courses – book anytime and study at your own pace where our examiners and team will support you throughout your training.

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RPole is the perfect portable free standing pole, for home and studio use and was designed and developed by Pole Passion.


Manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom our innovative design allows installation in under a minute without the need for tools, extra weight, stabiliser bars or adjustable feet.

It takes less than a minute to erect an RPole

Complete Freedom with prices starting at just £595.00 - Shop Now


Saving for an Rpole? We now do gift vouchers so put them on your birthday list!!



Fi-Jewelz - Adding some magic and sparkle to your performance clothing, shoes and accessories. 

We can add bling to almost anything, lets make your performance sparkle!!

Fi-jewelz is run by Fiona Brown who loves all things creative, 
 Fiona transforms plain costumes and pole shoes with Swarovski crystals, feathers, tulle, sequins and much more.
You to provide your item/song/colours/theme and tell us what it is you'd like to see. Tell us your ideas no matter how crazy they sound as Fiona loves a challenge!      Don't worry if your'e short of ideas we can always help on the design front and before you know it you'll be the owner of a one off creation,
You can view many of our previous creations on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Fi-Jewelz

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Polehog, UK handmade polewear. 

Made by polers for polers 

No matter your size, shape or style, why not grace your skin with a choice of hundreds of fabrics from around the world.

With amazing customer services, a range of custom printed fabrics, quality at affordable prices, make polehog your first choice.

SHOP NOW -Www.polehog.com

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World leader in Gloves and grips

Improve your grip, reduce fatigue and prevent injuries with our innovative grip aids and protective gear. All are designed and tested in collaboration with professional athletes.Meticulously crafted down to the stitching with hand-selected material. A must for aerial arts,pole and sport fitness.....drumming too!.

Cosmic Arcade is a brand new company for Pole, Aerial, Dance and Club wear in sizes UK 6 to 24, designed and handmade in the UK by Giovanna. After several years of running a Roller Derby clothing company called Cut The Track a change to Pole and Aerial made way for more designs and challenges. Besides our standard size range we are also available for custom sizes and designs www.cosmicarcadeclothing.com  IG: @cosmicarcadeuk FB cosmicarcadeclothing

Pole Emporium was an idea that was born in July 2014 and created in August 2014 by its owner Colleen Budd through a conversation with friends about the lack of good quality and variety of pole clothing in the UK.
Issues such as long wait times, import charges and the fit of the clothing was something that was mentioned time and time again.
With this in mind Pole Emporium were the first UK store to stock Bad Kitty clothing in large quantities to the general public.
We have now gone on to increase our stockist list with companies from all around the globe including large brand names such as  Pleaser, Pole Candy, Itac2, Wink and many more.....
Exclusively and uniquely to Pole Emporium we offer the opportunity to not only shop on line using our website www.poleemporium.co.uk, but we also offer customers the chance to visit our shop in Brighton via a private appointment, enabling our customers to try the goods before making a purchase.
Why not team a visit to the seaside with a visit to Pole Emporium for a cuppa, the chance to talk pole and to try the lovely goods we have to offer!

Wink prides itself in offering Dancewear and Costumes for Pole Dance, Aerial Arts, Yoga and Fitness. The brand offers glamour, and unique design that will appeal to every dancer. Wink designs and manufactures their clothing in the UK using the highest quality fabrics and has dressed some of the best international dance stars! All garments are designed to work well for its chosen dance style, so not only looks great but stays in place and provides support where needed.


Wink was set up by fashion designer Sarah McClymont who has over 15 years extensive design experience, designing for high end brands and sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, and dancewear for Royal Academy of Dance. Sarah decided to mix her two passions of dance and fashion design when she struggled to find fun, high quality pole dance clothing. The company continues to stay competitive through innovative design.

Wink are excited about their new movie ‘Chiaroscuro’, the Italian for Dark to Light starring Annalisa Muresu. Beginning with Annalisa’s birth into the darkness through a chrysalis state, she then uses dance and movement to portray her journey of empowerment into the light until she becomes an angelic higher being. Wink believe wearing their brand empowers the wearer!

Wink also offers custom dancewear or can design you your own exclusive dancewear to sell yourself. Wink pride themselves in high quality, excellent customer service with a fast turnaround. To become a Wink Stockist please contact us at: sales@winkdancwear.com

iTac2 is a relatively new company that’s quietly making a big impression on top athletes around the world. iTac2 was inspired by my brothers need for grip, so a bit of inspiration and an invention in my home garage came iTac2 Sports Grip. iTac2 has been embraced by the sporting community by delivering them an amazing product that gives the potential to tackle and create new and exciting manoeuvres that are both breathtaking and gravity defying. ITac2 has changed the dynamics of some sports, already taking them to new heights. iTac2 delivers you the confidence to challenge yourself at any level from beginner to professional with the amazing grip in all weather.

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FITTY is a new fitness brand that launched in late 2015 after careful planning by Director Jolie Wilkinson, who is a fully qualified personal trainer. FITTY offers a range of unique, quality, motivational fitness products with a choice of vibrant colours. The products include: gym bottles, sweat / pole towels, sports bags, rucksacks, vests, training t-shirts, protein shakers and running bottles. Check out our website and be inspired to train. 

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We're Famous for our printed Roller Derby Leggings and Printed Fold Over Pole Dance Shorts!

What started out as Chloe finishing her fashion design degree while doing her fresh meat course for Roller Derby has turned into Hoodlum Fang, established in 2013! Chloe started Hoodlum Fang while undertaking fresh meat with the Portsmouth Roller Wenches, after a few months she grew tired of not being able to find leggings fit for the exercise of roller derby that quenched her love for skulls and colour, so she set to work designing and hand making her own leggings using the skills she had learnt from studying Fashion and Textiles at University. Soon, a large number of her coaches and fellow fresh meat were requesting their own pairs to be made and from that Hoodlum Fang was born. A few years later and Hoodlum Fang now specialises in quality spandex garments from roller derby leggings to pole fitness shorts, menswear and fitness sports tops as well as casual wear. From print designs designed especially with Chloe's unique taste for all things skulls and under the sea in mind, to complete custom designs for you! 

Hoodlum Fang is run independently by Chloe Hood, a fully trained digital textiles and fashion designer with a passion for Roller Derby, Pole Fitness and designing outlandish and unique prints. She creates her fabrics and sews all garments in her home studio in Portsmouth which she shares with her partner, men's derby player and product tester, Meager Tron.

To Chloe, quality is of the upmost importance when making garments and prints as well as having great attention to detail. All garments are made using professional industrial sewing machinery and checked for quality control before leaving the studio.

Quality is at the forefront from the off set, from the planning, designing, printing and hand making. All fabric is printed in the UK to ensure that everyone who deals with Hoodlum Fang is paid a decent living wage, we don't believe in cheap throwaway fashion and this is reflected in our prices. We want you to keep your Hoodlum Fang product for a long time and to love it for that long too.

Hoodlum Fang specialises in print design and no job is too big or too small. Custom Roller Derby Team orders are also a big part of Hoodlum Fang's business and we are currently looking for new teams to dress their legs. Simply email hoodlumfang@gmail.com for a PDF including all our information regarding team leggings and hot pants and bulk prices.


Shop Now :) hoodlumfang.com

Revved Up Designs is the brainchild of Bexiita from Revved Up Pole, providing good quality clothing that is equally great at home on the pole and in the pub.
With designs heavily influenced by pop culture, music, pole icons and of course GLITTER, Revved Up Designs, brings badassery to pole studios all over the world.


Shop Now :) revvedupdesigns.com

Millie Robson is a fashion photography graduate from London College of Fashion.

She has always been interested in anything provocative and erotic, whether it be art or dance. She discovered she had an eye for photography in her late teens so decided to pursue it.

Throughout university she learnt to pole dance, meeting an array of inspirational dancers which made her realize that this was the root she should follow with her photography.

“Pole dancing is amazing! It’s just so beautiful, it needs to be photographed.”

Millie has a deep understanding and huge passion for the art form and knows exactly how to capture it’s true beauty. 
She is very honoured to have travelled worldwide with her pole photography and has taken photos of some of the best pole dancers in the world. 

Millie always strives to provide a beautifully unique image.

Spin City is one of the largest specialist aerial fitness schools in the UK. With five studios and instructors all across the country, we aim to provide a fun and challenging approach to aerial fitness in a welcoming and professional environment.  Director of Spin City Kate Edwards (nee Johnstone) now specialises in training other instructors how to teach Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop and Pole Fabric applying her extensive fitness background to help educate instructors worldwide. Spin City's pioneering approach to Instructor Training unites cutting edge fitness techniques with an array of aerial equipment. Kate has written nine certified aerial fitness courses which are accredited internationally with ACE, AFAA, REPs, SkillsActive and the PDC. Alongside her training courses, Kate also writes and produces the ‘Pole Bible’ and the ‘Aerial Hoop Bible’ two of the leading education resources available for aerial dancers worldwide.


Pole Junkie

From the sexy to the sublime, we’ve a super collection of everything you need to channel your inner goddess. Embrace your pole persona and reveal the confident, classy (sometimes trashy)  supreme being that you are. We’ve handpicked some real treats for you…come and see for yourself. All purchases made at MPDUK will come with a limited edition Pole Junkie tote bag worth £5! www.polejunkie.co.uk



Fing Yuan biao and the CPDC co hosted the World Pole Dance Championships in China in April 2015. 

Fing continues to work along side Pole Passion and deliver instructor training in China under the Pole Passion brand.

Domestic pole dancing started late in China, from 2007 to 2009, Chinese pole dancing fitness was in its infancy, at a time when other countries in Europe had started to compete and hold contests. There seemed to be man contests around the world. One of the most authoritative is the World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships. In September 2010, it was well-known by numerous pole dancer, pole dancing by the world federation concerned. World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships formally invited China to participate in the competition. 

World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships CEO Kay Penney of course they accepted according to Traditional Chinese pole dancing as a leader on October 1, 2011, the representatives of China participated in Hungary at the World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships . In November 2010, China became a full member of the World Federation of pole dancing, which meant that China had the right to host the tournament; in January 2011 China hosted the first ever China Pole Dancing Championships CPDC  and co-hosted the World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships officially launching the Chinese athletics pole dance industry and this set a benchmark, which was the beginning of Chinese Competitive pole dancing.China went on to co- Host the World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness championships again in 2015 in association with CPDC - China Pole Dancing Championships CPDC

Millie Robson is a fashion photography graduate from London College of Fashion.

She has always been interested in anything provocative and erotic, whether it be art or dance. She discovered she had an eye for photography in her late teens so decided to pursue it.

Throughout university she learnt to pole dance, meeting an array of inspirational dancers which made her realize that this was the root she should follow with her photography.

“Pole dancing is amazing! It’s just so beautiful, it needs to be photographed.”

Millie has a deep understanding and huge passion for the art form and knows exactly how to capture it’s true beauty. 
She is very honoured to have travelled worldwide with her pole photography and has taken photos of some of the best pole dancers in the world. 

Millie always strives to provide a beautifully unique image.

Premium quality clothing for Pole Dance, Bikram Hot Yoga, Fitness... 

Looking for premium quality pole dancing clothes? Dragonfly clothes create a beautiful combination of elegant, athletic, stylish and feminine design. Like your second skin... Clothing for sweaty workout. Pole dancing shorts, tops and leggings made in Europe. 

SHOP NOW....www.dragonflybrand.com

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Fi Started dancing at the age of 4.  She trained at Horsham Dancers Club, Kingston Studios, Pineapple Studio’s, Starlight Studio’s & Len Goodman Studios.  Her repertoire includes Ballroom, Latin American, Old Time, Disco, Rock’n’Roll, Jazz, Tap, Modern & Stage dancing.

Fi has produced, directed, stage managed & choreographed numerous
productions throughout the country, as well as being choreographer for
various productions at The London Palladium, Theatre Royal, Sadlers Wells, Her
Majesty’s, Indig02 & The Royal Albert Hall.  She has worked with the late Ted Rogers, Bill Buckley, Cheryl Baker, Faith Brown, Natalie Cassidy, Mark Curry, Gwen Dickey, Katy Edwards, Bonnie Langford, Andrew Lyndford, Pat Sharp, Wayne Sleep, Jessie Wallace, Katya Virshilas, Pasha Kovalev, Camilla Dallerup, Robin Windsor, Kristina Rhianoff, Ian Waite, Natalie Lowe, Jared Mulillo, Steven Smith, Anna Kennedy, Flavia Cacace, Erin Boag, Brian Fortuna, Anya Garnis, Anton Du Beke, Alijaz Skorjanec, Trent Whiddon, Tristan MacManus, Vincent Simone, Janette Manrara, Gordana Grandosek, Pixie Lott, Boadecia Ballet Theatre UK, London Studios, Tiffanys Theatre College, Italia Conti,  Masters Performing Arts College and many current West End and professional touring dancers.
Fiona’s photography has also given her the opportunity to photograph some great shows  Dance Til Dawn, The Circus, Gershwin, Intoto, Judy Tour, Puttin On The Ritz, Life Through Dance, The Spinettes, Strictly, The Rapiers, We Say Yeah, Move It, Miss Pole UK, Ballet Theatre UK and more.  She is also enjoys working with for many of the UK Top Dance Colleges including Tiffany’s Theatre College, London Studios, Italia Conti, Masters Performing Arts and Performers College.

Fi has produced, directed and choreographed for 27 Fi Steps school show
productions, over 50 West End performances, 6 European performances as well as numerous events for local theatres, fetes, charities, schools, fun events and

Her television credits include Inspector Morse & choreographic work for Sky TV.


SHOP NOW - Poletrix.co.uk

At Poletrix we know how important a good fit is, so we concentrate on creating dance
wear specifically for pole.
Our stylish Josie Pole Tops compliment your figure whilst providing easy body grip
on the pole. Josie’s come in a range of colours, hand printed with inspiring pole
Our unique ‘Inverse Pole Shorts’ are engineered to stay in place whilst you move
and are designed to enhance your natural body shape. Our shorts are available in
black, purple and limited edition prints.
The Contoured Leggings, have the same careful construction as our shorts to
compliment your legs and curves. They are made from hand picked robust fabrics in
a range of limited prints and colours.
Everything we create is rigorously put through its paces in pole studios to ensure
they meet the highest standards. Come and visit us today.

Lexi Lou Polewear – beautiful hand made polewear for you.
After falling in love with Pole and Aerial fitness, and a longstanding passion for
clothes and fashion, owner Rebecca set about making her own pole wear. Trialling
styles and materials on her pole sisters and taking on board their feedback Lexi Lou
Polewear was born.
Based in Devon, UK, Rebecca hand makes all the Lexi Lou Polewear using beautiful
fabric and prints. Custom options are available and Rebecca is always on hand to
help with your requests.

Okami Studios takes pole wear and fitness wear to a new level! Created in 2016, Okami Studios manufactured the first TEO Collection, which incorporates high-tech sticky coating with unique modern design. We blend new technologies with comfortable materials, stylish designs with functionality. Whether worn in a studio or on a street, TEO leggings will make you stand out. Our handmade luxury sportswear is made for pole dance, acroyoga, aerial and more. 


Feeling hesitant to take off your leggings and climb a cold pole? Try TEO leggings! We are sure TEOs will be your in and out of studio winter love!


More exciting products coming very soon. 

Visit our website www.okamistudios.co.uk


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Instagram @okamistudios


Website  https://www.pole-power.co.uk/

Kelly Morgan created Pole Power in 2014 


Throughout the years she has spread the love of Pole Fitness to everyone she knows and this is where she found so many people were missing out, due to their lack of confidence to walk through a studio door knowing they had to wear shorts for skin grip. 


It didn’t matter how many times she said, “you have no need to 

worry, it’s a non judgement zone”, she found that many still declined 

even though they liked every video, picture and commented how 

they wished they could do it too. 


Kelly’s vision was to change this, so she created Pole Power with a 

difference for this reason. Using only grippy poles such as silicone 

and rubber to enable women and men to get involved with pole 

fitness wearing clothing such as sports leggings and t-shirts to enable 

them the confidence to start their pole journey. 


Many Pole Power members have built their confidence and are now more 

than comfortable to get into their shorts and pole at any studio. 

Others stay poling in clothes with Pole Power for many many years


Kelly sees Pole Power as a stepping stone to enable many to take that leap and change their lives by starting pole, her desire to help build confidence up in others has only continued to grow stronger!


She created Pole Magic Pole Book for students to track their progress, to have a visual memory aid and to use as a journal/note book. 


The book is full of images of Pole Power students and instructors at all different levels from beginners to advance. It's cute size means it can easily go in a handbag and take to classes.