Miss Pole Dance UK Semi Pro Online Winner 2021

Pole Passion are proud to announce the winner of Miss Pole Dance UK Semi Pro 2021 ONLINE category




"When I first met Pole sport, I had no idea of what it could have brought to my life. I was suddenly surrounded by amazing instructors who helped me in this journey, I met friends for life and coaches with whom I will be forever grateful.

I am a functional fitness trainer, training pole for about 2 years and I recently achieved my pole instructor certificate. My biggest dream is to pursue a pole instructor career.

What does Pole sport mean to me?

It’s patience, hard work, body awareness, coordination, expression. It’s skin bruises, sacrifice, discipline, commitment: it's fighting against gravity aiming to  win every time!"


Here is my pole comp journey, and good luck to every single competitor! 


"I signed up for MPDUK competition because I wanted to play the last survivor of an Amazon Tribe as a reflection of my character. I am ambitious and resilient, I went through many difficulties but I always found a way out of it. I would love to communicate that every woman can stand up for herself and make her world wonderful & powerful, because we should always have the possibility to choose what is best for us.


I also wanted to push myself and work towards a pole goal: I never went through a Pole routine, choreography, the song & tricks choice. As I have been doing pole sport for only 2 years, I knew I had limited choice in advanced tricks, but this didn't stop me from doing it, and I kept training countless hours for the last months, despite the unpredictable times that surrounded us lately.


My first pole competition experience was not linear: I rose and fell many times, I understood my limits and created more body awareness and control. I thought several times I couldn't get through over 3 minutes of choreography, but I forced myself to finish that and now I know what to work on for my next competition!

Special thanks to Cheryl Teagann and Julien Roussel, who supported me personally, and in the choreography & expressivity of the  floorwork routine.  I also want to thank my friends who supported me since day 1 and all the instructors I have been working with until now who gave me precious advice. 


My biggest takeaway from this competition is that I now know I can go beyond my limits and overcome my weaknesses, then turn them into strength ".