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Pole Passion are proud to announce the following judges for Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur Semi Pro Championships 2021

 Silvio Ghiglione  - Judge Mr Pole Fitness UK champion 2017/2018

Silvio - winner Mr Pole Fitness 2017.jpg
Silvio started pole dancing when he moved to London 6 years ago.
Quickly, he was doing three classes a week, inverting and applying for his first competition: Mr Pole Fitness UK
Since his debuts, Silvio has primarily trained in London with his friends. He learns new moves on his own and always goes for the ones that might end up with him on the floor with a broken something!!

This is Silvio’s second time judging a competition and he is extremely excited to be given the opportunity to
watch and give positive feedback to fellow pole dancers, especially at a competition he is so passionate about.
His one word of advice for everyone entering MPD: have fun and d
on’t underestimate the power and impact of a well-timed chair!

Silvio won the Mr Pole Fitness  UK Pro title in 2017.
He placed 3rd in the 2018 World Pole Championships and
2nd in the 2019 World Pole Championship all hosted by Pole Passion

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