Master Classes

All masterclasses are

Saturday 5th October 2018
Venue  Address:
The Hawth
 Hawth Avenue
West Sussex
RH10 6YZ

Please arrive early to check-in on the day

Rosa Lisa - Hypnotic Exotic

 10.00am - 11.00am THE LOFT

Any Level Welcome

In this Floorwork based workshop, learn fresh, exciting choreography inspired by years of experience performing in clubs fused with modern techniques. With focus on shape, dynamics & flow RosaLisa encourages each dancer to explore their own natural rhythm and to enjoy the movement & feel of their own body whilst learning a 2min choreographed routine. Dancers will come away feeling accomplished and inspired to explore their own sensuality & creativity. Suitable for Beginner to Advanced pole dancers. What to wear: Heels, knee pads and whatever you feel sexy in.

This is a NO Pole, Floorwork Masterclass 

£20 | 60 minutes  Please register at 9.50am

Crystal Gibson - Pole tricks and transitions

 10.30am - 11.30am POLE AREA

Intermediate to Advanced
A pole workshop where Crystal focus' on cool trending pole tricks and combos as well as teaching you  creative ways in and out of them. 

£30 | 60 minutes  Please register at 10.20am

Rosa Lisa - Floor work Faves

 11.10am - 12.10pm THE LOFT

Any Level Welcome

Learn the most current, exciting floor move techniques to elevate your floorwork to the next level. RosaLisa will share the intricate techniques for each floor move, giving you the confidence to achieve each move and get creative with your floorwork. Floorwork moves include: shoulder roll, shoulder stand, fish flop, knee kip, forearm stand, heel bangs, knee/hip circle techniques, diamond legs and how to combine them. Suitable for Beginner to Advanced pole dancers. What to wear: Comfy clothing with full movement. With or without heels.

This is a NO Pole, Floorwork Masterclass 

£20 | 60 minutes  Please register by 11.00am

Rachel Tolzman - Lyrical Vibes

 11.45pm - 12.45pm POLE AREA

Beginner to Advanced

Do you enjoy tricks and transitions, but would like to learn how to really connect and combine those elements into a dance? Come join me in learning a lovely flow with a contemporary/lyrical vibe. We’ll focus on dance elements on and off the pole to make your style unique, musical, detail oriented and driven by intention. Explore endless possibilities to move and discover new ways to approach the creative process in choreographing a routine.

£40 | 60 minutes  Please register by 11.35pm

Crystal Gibson - Feminine Floor Flow

 12.20pm - 13.20pm THE LOFT

All levels

With over a decade of floor work training, let me teach you my secret for flowing the art of masculine into feminine. I love taking strong shapes and making them look soft, feminine and fierce. This class will cover basic acro pose, sexy leg work. Elbow/chest/shoulder stands with level changes and of course crawls and rolls. Come learn my floor and flow and dive into the feminine with me.

This is a NO Pole, Floorwork Masterclass 

£30 | 60 minutes  Please register by 12.10pm

Dan Rosen - Stripper school Floor Edition

 13.25pm - 14.25pm THE LOFT

Beginner to Advanced

Choreography -
Come and learn some stripper style floor work in Dan Rosen's Floor work Stripper School class. In this class you will learn how to dance filthy on the floor and transition a number of fun floor tricks.

For this class you will need to have heels and knee pads
A super sexy 60 minute FLOOR work class.

Dan will be teaching you a signature stripper school routine whilst introducing you to some super cool floor work.

Suitable for all levels and is designed to help you get in touch with your feminine side whilst having heaps of fun.

This is a NO Pole, Floorwork Masterclass 


£30 | 60 minutes  Please register by 13.15PM

Silvio Ghiglione  - TBC

 13.00pm - 14.00pm POLE AREA



£?? | 60 minutes  Please register by 12.20PM