Judges & Adjudicators

Pole Passion are proud to announce the following judges for Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur Semi Pro Championships 2019

Damian Kutryb - Judge

Damian Kutryb – Owner of GFFdamian Dance Studio in Manchester and founder of  GFFdamian Pole Camp has been Pole Dancing since 2013 and fell in love with it immediately. He practiced Pole Dance regularly at home and in classes and is still picking up new moves and styles to improve his standard. The PoleHog brand Ambassador.  Famous Mr Unicorn, his viral video reached few views. 


– Winner of International Pole Idol 2016

– Runner Up Mr Pole Fitness UK Champion 2017 

– Best Entertainer Award ' Mr Pole Fitness UK Championships 2017

– Winner of JLN UK Pole Championships 2017

– Best Entertainer Award 'JLN UK Pole Championships 2017

- Finalist Mr Pole Scotland 2018 Championships

- Finalist North East Pole Championships 2018

- Winner Mr Worldwide International 17/18

- Finalist Top Model Guy UK 2018

– Mister Gay Warsaw  2017

– Mr Gay Poland 2017 Finalist

– Mr Gay Poland Digital 2017

– Mr Gay Poland Photo 2017

– Mr Gay Poland Public Voting 2017


Experienced Pole Sport and Pole Art Judge. Qualified X-pole Pole Fitness Instructor, X-pole Children's Pole and Aerial, Alixia Flexibility and Zumba. Damian is strong, has fantastic flexibility and is extremely advanced, he can make a basic pole move look like contortion!

As well as Pole Fitness Damian is also an experienced teacher of Aerial Hoop and Aerobics.

Damian has featured in British media on tv and tabloids. He danced at the Jimmy`s Carr show the `8 out of 10 cats does countdown` and he featured in Documentaries called the `Pole, Pride&Prejudice`, `Success abroad`for Discovery Channel+.

He does teaches the workshops Internationally.

Jade Bensilum - Judge


Jade is an instructor and performer who has been training in pole and aerial for around 6 years. Pole was the first form of fitness she really enjoyed and could commit her time to. After finding her feet with the basics Jade then decided to push herself even further and decided to start competing/performing.  From that she developed a deep passion for performing and loves how it allows you to express yourself in a variety of different styles. She is now well versed in the competition scene, performing internationally and teaching workshops throughout the UK.

Jade is the current Miss Pole Dance UK Runner Up and in March last year she stepped foot onto the Pole Art Italy stage as a Semi Pro finalist, which was her first international competition. She is also part of a doubles pole duo who go by the name of Jalana, who together are most known for their unique tricks and transitions on and off the pole.


Miss Pole Dance UK, Professional Second Place 2018

Miss Pole Dance UK, Professional Doubles Third Place 2017

JLN Pole Championships, Professional Second Place 2017

British Pole Superstar Championships, Professional Third Place 2017

Heir to the Chrome, Doubles Second Place 2016

International Pole & Aerial Tournament, Doubles Third Place & Best Costume 2016

British Pole Superstar Championships, Instructor Second Place 2016

Miss Pole Dance UK, Professional Doubles Second Place & Best Tricks 2015

Miss Pole Dance UK, Semi Pro Doubles Winners & Best Tricks 2015

Miss Pole Dance UK, Semi Pro Student Second Place & Best Tricks 2015

Kent Pole Championships, Advanced Winner 2015

British Pole Superstar Championships, Advanced Winner 2015

Pole Theatre UK, Advanced/Amateur DRAMA Winner 2015

Early in 2019 Jade founded the Pole Revolution UK Competition alongside her business partner Samantha Holden. Jade is very excited to see where this next chapter and pole adventure is going to take her. Jade has been able to create a platform for other people to express and share their love for performing and competing just like she has and she is very excited to be able to give this back to the pole community.

Emma Simmonds - Judge

Emma Simmonds.jpg

I started dance lessons from the age of four, and started with the B.T.D.A from the age of 10 which isknown as The ‘British Theatre Dance Association’ dance syllabus styles in Ballet, Tap, Modern an Acrobatics. I completed the highest levels of achievement in these discipline gaining dance scholarships at B.T.D.A head office in Leicester.I trained until I was 18, then auditioned for my first dance contract, and got the job. Thankfully many dance contracts followed after this, and I travelled as a Professional cabaret dancer in places like Madeira, Portugal, Spain, Denmark and more. One Contract I had to learn 35 routines in 2 weeks! So at times it was very challenging, but I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, and loved every minute.I also found love for freestyle, podium dancing. I went to Ibiza, and took along my dance show reel, I went into the top dance clubs, auditioned and got the dance contracts! I was so happy, I performed as a professional podium dancer in Manumission, Eden, Es Paradise, and Bar M and more, I was over the moon! Dancing in front of 6,000 people at times with music by the Top DJ’s in the world. I made lead podium dancer.

I went to Ibiza 8 times, it was such a great experience, I named my daughter’s middle name “Eden” one of my main resident clubs I performed at. A typical high season night would be, arrive at the club around 10pm and perform around 8 sets of 20 minutes high freestyle gymnastic club dancing around the clubs dance podiums till approximately 5am! I also enjoyed doing promotion work, I went for a promo modelling job when I was back in England, but it turned out to be a dancing job, erotic dancing ! Little did I know this would shape my life forever. I started erotic dancing/stage dancing, where I found the love for Pole Dancing. Proud to say
I’m a self-taught pole dancer, my stage name was ‘Peaches’. I was an erotic dancer on and off between other dance contracts for 5 years where I taught myself the art of pole dance. I worked around the clubs in the UK including in London, Southampton, and
Bournemouth, FYEO “for your eyes only” Where I also did many photo shoots, radio, TV, dance choreography, and promo work, newspapers “The Sun” “Daily Mail” and many others, and various magazine work. At work I was contently asked by fellow dancers to teach and choreograph there pole tricks and stage routines. Here is where I started teaching pole dance classes, I fell in love with teaching and my
life completely changed. After teaching around 6 months at my main club F.Y.E.O in Southampton, There was a demand for me to start teaching in gyms so I opened my pole dance classes to the general public at Fitness First in Southampton, I had freestanding poles manufactured and opened my school called Pole Performers Dance School Ltd in November 2004, I was the first professional pole dance fitness school to open in Southampton.
From opening Pole Performers Dance School in 2004 to present date, over the years, I’ve taught 1000’s and 1000’s of students and many teachers in the world of pole dance. I’m very honored to teach many other teachers and help them achieve their goals, also personally still have the same passion and drive to teach and perform from when I first started. I created and foundered pole dance levels from beginners to professional, a few years ago, I made a Pole Performers Dance School Fitness DVD and to date have sold over 2,000 copies. I’m in process of filming volume 2. I love choreographing routines for students and fellow teachers to compete their routines in
competitions at all pole levels and categories. I also became a mum in 2010, to my girl Lilygrace, who loves to pole dance and was my inspiration to start children’s pole, circus, and aerial classes.

Sue Thompson - Judge

Sue is a qualified advanced level pole and Pilates instructor running classes under Pole Passion in Bognor Regis and surrounding areas. She is also a Teacher Trainer and Assessor, delivering the Pole Passion REP’s accredited Instructor Training and assessing students at the quarterly gradings.
In 2010 Sue started to assist Pole Passion at their national and international pole dance and fitness competitions including Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships. She has taken on a number of roles at these events starting in areas such as sponsorship coordinator, backstage competitor coordinator and then taking on roles such as judge and adjudicator, overseeing the fair and consistent application of the rules. In 2014 Sue travelled to Beijing, China to deliver the first accredited Instructor Training and to adjudicate in the World Pole Dance Championships.
Sue is honoured at the opportunity to host the Amateur and Semi-Pro competition in one of her class venues again this year and looking forward to seeing the huge levels of passion and skill that are always evident at these competitions. 

Sue_Thompson_Pole Passion_Judge.jpeg

Angela Walker - Adjudicator

Angela is a qualified advanced level pole instructor  She is also Office Manager and Events Coordinator for Pole Passion. 

Angela’s positive attitude and hard work have made her an asset at many Pole Passion classes, student gradings, Instructor Training courses, national and international events. Most recently at the annual Budapest Pole Camp Retreat, where she organises a busy schedule with over 60 students and many professional international trainers.

Her mature attitude, considerable organisational skills and experience of the pole industry make her a valuable asset in the adjudicator role where a high level of attention to detail is essential. Angela has adjudicated for Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur semi-pros, Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Championships, Mister & Miss Pole Scotland and The All Ireland Pole Dance Championships.

Stephen Penney - Adjudicator

Since starting with Pole Passion in 2003, Steve has been passionate about developing the pole industry as a sport, dance and art form. A very important member of the Pole Passion team, he is always happy to stay in the back ground and keep a low profile at events preferring to concentrate on organisation and health & Safety for every​ones safety on and around a pole, using all the knowledge and experience he gained in the construction industry from running his own electrical business for over 20 years.


Steve is very entrepreneurial and believes you are either growing or dying! Steve has a degree in management and is a member of the Federation of Chartered Managers (FCMI). He is also trained as a life coach, is a Black belt Karate instructor with over 20 years experience and holds a black belt in 2 diciplines. Steve has a passion for fitness both mentally and physically. Steve is now also a retail trader having spent the last 5 years studying financial markets.

Inventor and creator of Rpole - the worlds first free standing portable pole Rpole is to date the lightest most portable pole in the world .

Through Rpole he has enabled thousands of polers to pole anywhere at any time. 

Stephen is passionate about ensuring the fair and consistent application of the rules. 

What makes a great Judge?

  • Organisers and competitors require competent & loyal judges
    So what makes a good pole competition judge?

    • Integrity – honest, upright and committed to the positive image and rules of Pole Dance and Fitness
    • Professional competence 
    • Ethical to fellow workers, audiences, contestants and sponsors
    • A sound understanding of health & safety on and around the Pole 
    • Abiding by the Code of Pole Practice 2008
    • Keen intellect 
    • Extensive pole knowledge
    • Fair and constructive
    • Clear & quick analyser & thinker
    • Concise & clear writer
    • Impartial
    • Trustworthy
    • Accountable
    • Good understanding of English (written and spoken)
    • Judicial temperament 
    • Decisive 
    • Respectful – including all social media ( no swearing)
    • Composed 
    • Strong communicator
    • 100% reliable
    • Committed
    • Team player
    • Experience
    • Strong record of professional sport, fitness, dance & pole excellence 
    • Knowledgeable and educated about Pole techniques and or choreography and or performing
    • An Understanding of the pressures, mentally & physically of the competitors when performing &
    •    Health and fitness back ground and a good understanding of the bio mechanics of the body around the   pole and floor work
    • Service
    • Commitment to the pole community of none less than 2 years
    • Passionate about promoting & representing pole competitions  and the pole industry, how so ever
      represented in a positive and professional manner at all times
    • One who takes the position seriously and researches the competition rules they are representing 
    • Understanding the sacrifices of the contestant will make financially, professionally and personally
    • Well respected by their peers and in their pole dance community
    • It is inappropriate to comment on any issue which may be considered personal or political

    Apply now if you would like to be considered as a National Miss Pole Dance UK judge
    Email us on  - events@passion-fitness.com