Judges & Adjudicators

Pole Passion are proud to announce the following judges for Miss Pole Dance UK  Professional Championships 2017

Jade Bensilum - Judge

Jade is a pole instructor and performer who has been training in pole and aerial for around 4 years, she tried her first pole class ‘for a laugh’ and has been hooked on the sport ever since. Jade has no fitness background and pole was the first form of fitness she finally enjoyed and could commit her time to.

Jade performed as part of the Pole Theatre Dance Crew in 2016 and has competed several times in the UK as a solo artist, training alongside UK Champions to further her knowledge in the field. Her next goal is to compete internationally.


Titles include 

•Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Doubles Third Place 2017

•JLN Championships Professional Runner Up 2017 

•British Pole Superstar Championships Professional Third Place 2017

•HTTC Doubles/Groups Runners Up 2016

•IPAAT Doubles Third Place 2016

•British Pole Superstar Championships Instructor Runner Up 2016

•Miss Pole Dance Professional Doubles Runners Up & Best Tricks 2015

•Miss Pole Dance Semi Professional Doubles Winners & Best Tricks 2015 

•Miss Pole Dance Semi Pro Student Runner Up & Best Tricks 2015

•KPC Advanced Winner 2015

•British Pole Superstar Championships Advanced Winner 2015

•Pole Theatre Amateur, Drama Winner 2015

El Feagan - Judge

El has been in the Pole dance sports & fitness industry since 2005 when she opened N.Irelands 1st purpose built pole studio in Belfast, she developed a  skill & love for Pole Dancing when she 1st came across it at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Sydney in 2003, taught then by her pole idol Bobbie herself! El currently has 2 studios in Ireland, Belfast & Dundalk.  In her earlier days she competed in Pole Divas winning the NI heats in 2006 & 2008.  She later focused on judging & was one of the 1st IPSF Judges (the only recognised body for pole sports judges) in 2013, judging at the World pole Sports Championships in London.  She is a regular on the judging panel of the Pole Dance Ireland Princess competition, MMPScotland & MMPEssex 


During her pole career she feel into body building & fitness competitions competing & winning overall classes between 2011 & 2015.  Her focus is now fully back on her 1st love - Pole!!


She is founder of Irelands most recognised pole competition 'The All Ireland Pole Dance Championships' which takes place in Belfast, every year in September.

Previous accolades

Pole Divas winner 2006 & 2008 

Body Fitness Achievements 
Nov 2011 - NIFMA - Body Fitness over 30s class - 1st place

June 2012 - NIFMA - Overall winner in Sports round & 2nd in Bikini 

March 2013 NIFMA Overall winner 

Oct 2013 - WABBA Overall winner 

April 2014 - Miss Athletic Nabba NI - 3rd place

April 2015 - Miss Athletic Nabba NI - 1st place


El was also a contender & screened on series 1 of Ninja warrior uk 

Sam King - Judge

Sam King, Mr Pole Fitness 2016 started poling 6 years ago without any dance, gymnastics or aerial background but since a friend dragged him to his first pole class he became obsessed and now spends a much time as he can upside down! Sam is an official X-pole boy representing the company at a host of fitness conventions and trade shows, including: Leisure Industry Week, the International Fitness Show, and Fitcamp and was crowned Mr Pole Fitness UK at the 2016 October competition. Sam has performed all over the globe at both corporate and private events, performing front of names such as Kate Moss and Simon Cowell! He has even appeared on BBC3’s show Bad Education, been featured on an item for BBC South East new, as well as in two music video’s—one for popular band, Pulled Sam is a well-known name on the competition scene holding titles such as:

MR POLE FITNESS UK 2016 IPAAT Ultimate Champion 2015, UK National Champion 2015, Qualifier for the world pole sport championship 2015, Mr Pole Fitness 2015 Runner up, European Champion 2014, Polenastics Male champion 2014, BPSC Male champion 2014,

Michael Donohoe - Judge

Michael Donohoe is from Dublin Ireland. He is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach and has 11 years experience in this area.  He teaches Pole Acrobatics, Circus skills,Conditioning coaching for pole fitness and provides fitness testing for pole students. 

  • Mr Pole Dance UK  2015 Male Winner

  • World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness Finalist 2015

  • Mr Pole Dance UK 2014  Male 2nd Runner Up

  • Pole Theatre Ireland Professional & Overall Winner 2014

  • Irish Pole Fitness Male Champion 2013

  • All Ireland Pole Dance Male Champion 2013

  • ITEC Certified Personal Trainer

  • ITEC Certified Gym Instructor

  • ITEC Level 1 and 2 Certifications in Anatomy and Physiology

  • 11 years’ Experience in Fitness, 4 years’ experience teaching Pole

Sue Thompson - Adjudicator

Sue is a qualified advanced level pole and Pilates instructor running classes under Pole Passion in Bognor Regis and surrounding areas. She is also a Teacher Trainer and Assessor, delivering the Pole Passion REP’s accredited Instructor Training and assessing students at the quarterly gradings.
In 2010 Sue started to assist Pole Passion at their national and international pole dance and fitness competitions including Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships. She has taken on a number of roles at these events starting in areas such as sponsorship coordinator, backstage competitor coordinator and then taking on roles such as judge and adjudicator, overseeing the fair and consistent application of the rules. In 2014 Sue travelled to Beijing, China to deliver the first accredited Instructor Training and to adjudicate in the World Pole Dance Championships.
Sue is honoured at the opportunity to host the Amateur and Semi-Pro competition in one of her class venues for the second year running and looking forward to seeing the huge levels of passion and skill that are always evident at these competitions. 

Angela Walker - Adjudicator

Angela is a qualified advanced level pole instructor  She is also Office Manager and Events Coordinator for Pole Passion. 

Angela’s positive attitude and hard work have made her an asset at many Pole Passion classes, student gradings, Instructor Training courses, national and international events. Most recently at the annual Budapest Pole Camp Retreat, where she played a pivotal role in organising a busy schedule with over 60 students and many professional international trainers.

Her mature attitude, considerable organisational skills and experience of the pole industry make her a valuable asset in the adjudicator role where a high level of attention to detail is essential. Angela has adjudicated for Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur semi-pros, Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Championships and The All Ireland Pole Dance Championships for the last two years.

Stephen Penney - Adjudicator

Since starting with Pole Passion in 2003, Steve has been passionate about developing the pole industry as a sport, dance and art form. A very important member of the Pole Passion team, he is always happy to stay in the back ground and keep a low profile at events preferring to concentrate on organisation and health & Safety for every​ones safety on and around a pole, using all the knowledge and experience he gained in the construction industry from running his own electrical business for over 20 years.


Steve is very entrepreneurial and believes you are either growing or dying! Steve has a degree in management and is a member of the Federation of Chartered Managers (FCMI). He is also trained as a life coach, is a Black belt Karate instructor with over 20 years experience and holds a black belt in 2 diciplines. Steve has a passion for fitness both mentally and physically. Steve is now also a retail trader having spent the last 5 years studying financial markets.

Inventor and creator of Rpole - the worlds first free standing portable pole Rpole is to date the lightest most portable pole in the world .

Through Rpole he has enabled thousands of polers to pole anywhere at any time. 

Stephen is passionate about ensuring the fair and consistent application of the rules. 

Brandon Griffiths - Judge

Since a young age of 3 Brandon has been trained in both gymnastics and dance. With many uk titles to his name he decided to leave the competition scene to focus on his school exams. In 2014 Brandon was at college studying business and law when he found pole classes and knew he wanted to dive right into the circus world, so he dropped out and did just that! By training by himself 7 long days a week on pole, hoop and silks he was quickly performing after around 7 months. Shortly followed his obsession with stretching! Constant research and forever learning more about the body and what it can do Brandon found he had unlocked his potential to become a contortionist. After years of training brandon now finds him self performing: contortion, aerial hoop, aerial silks, aerial Sling, flying pole, pole and his new favourite... FOOT ARCHERY! Brandon is one of the only male in the uk to perform a contorted handstand and fire an arrow at the same time with his feet!

Alma Pirner - Head Judge

The most famous exotic dancer of Europe, who has conquered every part of the world with her elegant, sensual and breath-taking shows. Her particular style is burlesque, effeminate and moderate elegance and charm, with constantly renewing show repertoire on the ground and in the air, as well.
 She has a phenomenal fan base across the world. Her breath-taking productions, fancy and dazzling accessories and haute couture outfits amaze everyone. We have admired her two times on the cover of Playboy, besides this, she has appeared in many Hungarian and foreign male magazines. Alma is performing all around the world, from Australia to Canada, where her professionalism, charismatic personality and unique shows carry her audience with her. Her life is all about glamour, that flavours her everyday life as well, her creativity is unbounded, to come what may.  In the meantime, she has been working for several years to give every bits and pieces of seduction and sensuality to everyday women and since 2003 she has built up with extraordinary perseverance and faith the Dollhouse Empire from nothing. Offering Pole dance Burlesque, Seduction, chair dance and beautyrobic to name but a few of the diciplines available at Dollhouse.
 There are 5 Dollhouse Studios in Hungary, Alma co owns 3, and they have 2 franchises as well. Almas teachings are a big part of Pole Passions Budapest Pole Camp and she never fails to impress. Alma offers many courses and trainings all around Hungary.
Alma is also a member of the National Franchise Association.

The owner of Miss Poledance Hungary competitions for 9 years, partner organizator and host of the 2011 World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness in Budapest.
International Judge.
President of the Hungarian Poledance and Pole-Fitness association, member and international judge of the European Pole Sport Union.
Member of the PFA.
Alma has been working as poledance, fitness and aerial skills trainer, choreographer for over 10 years, as an entertainer artist for over 15years.

Annie Norris - Judge

My name is Annie Norris I have been in the pole industry since 2001, before twisty grips and Fonjis. I have been lucky enough to have been involved in so many things pole dancing, judging Pole Sports to the Filthier competitions, staring in a DVD, modelling for poles and mats and winning The Elite UKPPC title and Pole Divas Champion.


I entered my first competitions in 5 years recently, Miss Pole Dance and UKPPC and won best Entertainer. My strong point is judging performance and creativity. 


I own Pure-Studios in Hereford for over 13 years, and we have recently moved to a brand new huge studio which is my dream playground. I love performing, competing, judging but mostly I love to teach and find others full potential. I love watching people achieve more than they ever thought they could.


I am SO looking forward to judging Miss Pole Semi pro and seeing all the up and coming talent in the pole world. Its really exciting that today we might discover the next pole star out there.